Life is not easy. Especially when you are in a family of invisible illnesses and disabilities. It can be serious, funny and downright hard! But we make it. Just like everyone else. We just do it in a different style.

Friday, December 26, 2008

After Christmas Glow

Yes, we are one of those who celebrates Christmas. Tree and all. The ormaments handed down from my husband's mother. The trinkets that play music I have been collecting for the past seven years and my mother's old tablecloth that has been the treeskirt for three years running now.

It was a very good Christmas time on many accounts. I cooked up a storm (120 cookies, two pies, lasagne and a stuffed turkey) and had my hubby's mom and dad over on Christmas day. We sat and watched movies, returned good wishes over the phone and generally enjoyed the whole thing.

I could mention one downside: visiting my brother- and sister-in-law on Christmas Eve, but I won't. There was enough misery in that house. Let it stay there.

For us, we ate too much, forgot to read the bible story of Jesus (sorry, Mom and Dad!) and generally laughed and had a good time. It was one of the few times that I felt truly at home, at the top of my game (domestically) and enjoyed everyone, my husband included. We can rub up against each other sometimes. But, yesterday, was not one of those days.

Another reason for the glow is I received my final grades from school. A B+ and an A! In fact, on both final projects, I received 100% on them! The feeling of accomplishment is overwhelming. I keep looking around to see if people are really telling me that I am this good. Such stuff can really go to your head, and make you think you are on the brink of some sort of greatness. Greatness about what I don't know. Maybe, I am just good at going to school. Perhaps, I am just the best student there every was. I am still trying to figure out how all this will come together into a new career for me. A career that will allow me to take care of the four members of my family later on in life. Perhaps as more classes come along, I will get a spark of an idea. For now, it just feels good to get good grades. I haven't had grades like this since high school!

One thing more that is adding to the glow is my son has not fainted for the entire month of December so far. Five more days and it will really be official. No faints! In fact, today, he only felt tired for one hour after waking up this morning. Mind you, all this is tempered by the fact that he hardly goes anywhere. No school, no walking around outside. I struggle with the idea. But that is for another post. Right now, even if he has to live inside the house for the rest of his childhood, it is good to have him close to his old self. Close to the kid I remember.

I know there are others who celebrate in other religions and in other ways. My hope is that you celebrate in safety and in peace. Pray for those families who have been disrupted by violence this holiday season. Pray for recovery through their grief and some resolution to some of these events.

A couple more days and the new year will begin. My next post may be the usual reflective one I take at this time of year. Take care and hold someone you love close today.