Life is not easy. Especially when you are in a family of invisible illnesses and disabilities. It can be serious, funny and downright hard! But we make it. Just like everyone else. We just do it in a different style.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Will I be the only one who will be anti-climatic during this heady period of jubilation? Will I be the only one not floating on cloud 900 with all the other Dems and hysterically, happy people? Will I forego dancing like a lot of grasshoppers?


Why am I not celebrating with smiles from ear to ear and a happy jig in my feet?

Because the truth of the matter is, this next presidency is going to be very difficult. No other president will be scrutinized as much. Anything he doesn't do correctly will be over-analyzed and pointed toward his defects. Anything he does well will be chalked up to the savvy advisers he is surrounding himself with.

And, realistically, the powers that be (or will become) don't fix an economy overnight (or break it, either). A generation has to pass to remake a war-torn country. A million years ago (roughly eight), we had a surplus of government cash. Here in Maryland, you saw expansion like never before. The schools, downtown. In fact, they created a bunch of "downtowns." The investors were everywhere holding seminars on how to get rich in real estate. Every block seem to have a gutted house with a "for sale" sign in front of it.

Now, even the car industry is looking to the government for a handout. I thought welfare got reformed at the same time the deficit disappeared. Suddenly, everyone has a hand out. I guess they can dig out that sign that kept track of the national debt again. Where did they put that thing?

I am sane enough to know that politics is a sticky business and shaping a country happens over terms, not a term. Changing an economy takes years, not months. There is no magic wand on inauguration day.

I am not looking forward to the taxes. Where else will this country get the money? I am not looking forward to leaving terrorist country unwatched. And, how else will we get our guys and gals home?

Suddenly, gun lovers are buying up guns by the stacks because they feel Dems will change the laws on them and automatic weapons, like the one that killed a little boy here in Maryland recently won't be around to show off to the kids.

And unbeknownst to Palin, Russia is doing a lot outside her back door.

So, there is reason to get your head out of the clouds, forget about the video on Oprah and get back to business.

For us, that means, back to doctors who don't know their jobs (replaced one this week). It is back to stretching SSDI and a retail paycheck to take care of a family of four. It is back to school work for me (week 3 of new classes) and it is back to home tutoring my son, who is still too unstable for regular school.

I put the extra leaves in my table today. Now, it will fit 8-10 people for Thanksgiving. And, the new catalogues came for Christmas. The turkey will be smaller this year. The gift lists smaller, too.

Go ahead and dance if you want to. But, winter is coming and this ant is getting prepared.