Life is not easy. Especially when you are in a family of invisible illnesses and disabilities. It can be serious, funny and downright hard! But we make it. Just like everyone else. We just do it in a different style.

Monday, March 2, 2009

New App I am Trying out Today-Animoto

Today, I have come to the conclusion that I am a geek. How have I come to this conclusion? Because even though I spent 12 hours typing up my final project APA-styled paper for my IT class, I still found time to follow Tweeter and find new apps online.

I will talk about one I played around with today. I actually got this from a blog I follow in my Google Reader (don't ask me how many blogs, I have totally lost count). It is from Jose Picardo who blogs at Box of Tricks. He is a wonderful person to listen to (great video content) and learn from. And one of his apps that he has written about is Animoto.

Animoto takes your pictures and creates a wonderful dynamic slide show out of them with music. I just had to try it. Doesn't matter that the furnace died yesterday and I am sitting here as cold as ice in Baltimore's first big snow in nearly 6 years. Doesn't matter that I should be tired or that my eyes should rest.

It is amazing how you can make your body wake up when you are excited about something.

So, below, is my 1st attempt at Animoto and I love it! I used my rose flower pictures because I already have them batched at Flickr . A couple f steps later and this is what I got.

I had stopped taking pictures because I hate putting them in albums where they languish. This may actually spur me to purchase a digital SLR. After all, my major in high school was photography. Check Animoto out and give it a try.

And, no, they are not paying me to say this!