Life is not easy. Especially when you are in a family of invisible illnesses and disabilities. It can be serious, funny and downright hard! But we make it. Just like everyone else. We just do it in a different style.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Post About Friends

Today, I tried to visit some of my other social communities. School being what it is, I cannot even get near Twitter or Facebook. It takes up too much time and I find I am stuck there.

But, today in my perusals of posts and comments, I came across a devotional from a new person that I have not made friends with so far. She spoke about becoming the type of friend that survives changes and really gets to know one another.

Here is her post:

A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is
a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.
-- Proverbs 18:24

Close spiritual friends -- the kind that can hold us accountable
when we need it, build us up when we're down, or celebrate with us
when we've enjoyed success -- are truly rare. So many people are
lonely; they're lonely for something, or better yet, someone,
they've never experienced. We have a tendency in modern western
culture to have acquaintances and companions instead of friends and
partners. When things go poorly, when we have nothing to offer to
them, acquaintances can run away in times of trouble or fade away
if things are long and protracted. There are, however, true friends
whose commitment and dedication are deeper than even physical
family. How do I know? God promised it! I've seen it! My family has
been blessed by it! So let's hear the call to be that kind of
friend to others and in so doing, we will often find that kind of
friend for ourselves.

Gracious and holy Father, thank you so much for calling me into
your family. Please bless me as I seek to enter into meaningful
friendships with those in your family. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

In this fast and furious world of twittering, facing up on Facebook, Digging it all and remaining Linkedin, I am stopping to ask: Are you really getting to know some of these people? I understand networking possibilities, but are these people you can go to if something catastrophic happens? You may say, I have my family and close friends for that. My point exactly.

My goal is to make a least some of the people I converse with for hours close friends. What is the point of investing so much time if I don't get to that point with somebody?

In the end of our lives, will our Twitter friends be there or our real friends?

Let's endeavor to deepen some of these relationships beyond 140 characters.